About Ms. Hen

Hi! My name is Ms. Hen and I am a Transitional Kindergarten (TK) teacher at Rio Vista Elementary School! Some things about me:
I have two amazing kids: Joey and Gabe!
I am an animal lover! We have two dogs and two cats.
I am a HUGE Star Wars fan!
I love music and have quite the iTunes collection!

Here's my teaching philosophy:

"I am trying to give my students two things:
'roots and wings.'" - Jaime Escalante
This quote resonates with me because it is my goal to help students learn the basic skills they will need before they apply that knowledge in creative and new ways.

We have the awesome opportunity to work together and give our students a positive beginning to their school careers. Our long-term goal here at Rio Vista is to help each child become a life-long learner. My hope is that as a community we keep communication open and tackle this challenging job together! So, please feel free to contact me by email, phone or in person before or after school. I look forward to a fabulous year!
- Ms. Hen
[email protected]